South Africa Holiday Offers

South Africa holiday offers a chance to see incredible diversity and know about its culture, history, geography and rainbow heritage. Diverse terrain, exotic wild life and unruffled coast make South Africa a foremost tourist destination. Complete with resorts, entertainment facilities, scope for adventure sports and fun activities, South Africa holiday offers enchanting vacation for beach lovers, adventure seekers, pleasure hunters, nature enthusiasts and leisure tourists. The mysterious yet delightful hinterland of the country is home to awe-inspiring high mountains, dry deserts and varied flora and fauna. South Africa holiday offers a tour of coastal regions replete with natural scenery, coral reefs, exotic marine life and beautiful beaches. Tourists can enjoy active holidays, spend nights in the game reserves, take part in adventure expeditions, romance under star-studded sky or explore the exotic heritage sites.
South Africa holiday offers perfect condition for family vacations, enticing relaxation on the beach, a view of the best wild life in the world and an array of outdoor activities. Ecotourism and medical tourism in South Africa are also on the rise.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Family Vacations

Holiday offers to South Africa include all inclusive family vacation packages. These include accommodation, guided tours, sightseeing, food and transportation to ensure that you and your family enjoy a hassle-free holiday. The family attractions that South Africa holiday offers cover are varied and range from exotic experience to educational tours. Museums, entertainment facilities and historical attractions in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are apt for family visits. You can take your children to on enchanting trip to game reserves and show them animals that usually catch their fancy. South Africa holiday offers arrange family visits to exotic flower gardens in Namaqualand, Ostrich farms of Oudtshoom, Durban’s Underwater World and the Penguin Colony in Cape Town apart from world heritage sites in Swartkrans, Sterkfontein, Mapungubwe, Richtersveld Botanical Garden, Drakensberg Park, St. Lucia Wetland and Vredefort Dome.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Beach Vacations

South Africa has extensive beaches ideal for both leisure and active holidays. South Africa holiday offers ideal vacations to enjoy sun, sand and sea. South Africa is the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Tourists have the option to choose from crowded beaches in Durban and Cape Town seafront, secluded beaches on Garden Route and palm-fringed KwaZulu-Natal coast. The warm blue turquoise waters off the coast lures water sports lovers. South Africa holiday offers perfect scope to enjoy scuba-diving, surfing, swimming, sailing, kayaking and whale watching. The extensive marine drive of hundreds miles, known as Garden Route, boasts many natural sightseeing opportunities. Distinctive marine heritage, including coral reefs, penguins and fluorescent fishes attract thousands of tourists.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Game Safaris

South Africa’s fame as a tourist destination lies in its abundant wildlife living in extensive game reserves. South Africa holiday offers a visit to Okavango Delta, Kruger National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Golden Gate Highlands, Mountain Zebra National Park, Table Mountains, West Coast National Par, Richtersveld Transfrontier Park and many more such nature reserves. Tourists can make days trips and spend nights in the safari camps observing rhinos, elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards and 500 other animal species from the close quarter. Safari accommodation South Africa holiday offers ranges from bush-side camping to exotic resorts in the middle of the forest.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Adventure Tours

South Africa holiday offers an active vacation. The difficult terrain comprising mountains, velds, deserts and gorges is ideal for adventure sports. Scaling the peaks inside the Drakensberg Park is the dream of every hiker. South Africa holiday offers adventure activities, such as flying safaris, game drives, balloon trips, mountain biking and nature hikes. Whale watching, rake diving and shark-cage diving are part of water sports in the country. Tourists visit the adrenalin-rushing gorges and amazing waterfalls to enjoy abseiling and bungee jumping. South Africa holiday offers include tailor-made adventure tour packages for tourists of all age groups.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Ecotourism

The vast natural diversity makes South Africa a perfect place for ecotourism. South Africa holiday offers an insight to the peaceful coexistence of nature and human. The city limits never crosses the hinterland dominated by tribal ethos and cultures. The wild life is not only well preserved but also flourishing and their natural habitats are zealously maintained. If the northern part has deserts reminding one of sands of Sahara, the central and the eastern parts boast verdant velds and forests reminiscent of central Africa. The list of wild life includes more than 500 animal species, 300 aviary species and around 100 reptiles of various classes. South Africa holiday offers the unique scene of penguin, lions and elephants cohabiting together.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Enchanting City Vacations

South Africa’s vibrant cities complement its spectacular natural beauty. Cape Town on the southwest coast is known for its sophisticated life, exciting mix of cultures and abundant historic attractions. South Africa holiday offers a visit to V & A Waterfront, harbour and glorious beaches of Cape Town. Durban, the port city, is much admired for its cosmopolitan life, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment facilities. Johannesburg, the financial and economic hub, is the gateway to the enchanting interiors of South Africa.

South Africa Holiday Offers: Medical Tourism

South Africa is fast emerging as a destination for medical tourism. Low cost of medical care and private clinics offering sophisticated surgeries are the reason behind many tourists preferring South Africa for surgeries. Several ultramodern hospitals, such as UCT Private Academic Hospital, offering exclusive medical packages have been established. Cape Town is also home to several health resorts and clubs offering ethnic Indian, Chinese and African treatments. South Africa holiday offers tourists the opportunity to combine their medical needs with charming holiday experience.

South Africa Holiday Offers for Honeymoon Couples

South Africa holiday offers include honeymoon safaris, where sheer wilderness makes romance more enchanting. Luxurious resorts inside the game reserves, secluded beaches and wild nature add thrill and fun to your romantic life and bring couples closer.

Review of South Africa Holiday Offers

The vast array of attractions and fun that South Africa holiday offers enchant every visitor. Tourists can see sophisticated cities coexisting with age-old tribal villages. The diversity of natural heritage represents the entire world. Accommodation, food, shopping and entertainment hubs are as exotic as its widespread game reserves.

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